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ELV Policy #001 updated and approved May 2008

This letter concerns the Removal of Waterfowl from the lakes by the use of noise generated by the utilization of “crackers” (a firecracker-like device discharged from a short-range firearm).

This is to aid in the: Control of Escherichia coli (e-coli). Note: The closing of ELV beaches is usually due to waterfowl feces (e-coli).

  1. The Lakes Chairperson will annually, recruit volunteers to discharge “crackers” into the lakes to frighten the waterfowl when necessary.

  1. The ELV Board will annually at the Spring meeting, approve and authorize the selected volunteers to act under the direction of this policy letter. Note: Troy Police may be apprised of the names of these individuals. It is not necessary to get approval each year from the city. The selected volunteers’ names are to be entered into the ELV Board meeting minutes.

  1. The volunteers are to be contacted for this service only by the “Current Lakes Chairperson” or a “Lake Representative” previously designated by the Lakes Chairperson. No one other than the persons designated in this paragraph can authorize the use of “crackers.”

  1. The volunteer will not discharge crackers without the prior request of the Lakes Chairperson or a Lake Representative.

  1. The volunteer will gain access to the lake by notifying the homeowner prior to entering the property when possible. Note: Attempt should be made to use a resident that is familiar with the procedure and previously had been notified their property will be used for access to the lake. The Lake Representative’s property should be used whenever practical.

  1. After the waterfowl have departed, the volunteer should initiate another application of the “noise” should they return. This should be accomplished as soon as possible after they land. The waterfowl must find it uncomfortable each time they come back so to reinforce their finding another place to occupy.

  1. To make this system effective the volunteer and Lake Representative must work closely to ensure the waterfowl stay frightened away. The volunteer should proceed to discharge crackers at other lake(s) as necessary to ensure the geese are frightened away from all of the lakes.

  1. The criteria use this noise control will be established by the Lakes Committee and approved by the ELV Board. This criteria to be published in the newsletter.

  1. The purchase of shell crackers is to be authorized by the Lakes Chairperson. Only those authorized will be reimbursed by the Association. The crackers are to be stored in the Lake Chair’s home and in those volunteer’s homes authorized by the Lakes Chair.

  1. Residents will notify their Lake Representatives when waterfowl are on their property or on the lake and need to be removed using the established criterion. Should your Lake Rep not be available call any Lake Rep or the Lake Chairperson.

  1. Residents are to be periodically advised in the newsletter how to acquire this service.

  1. The Association is authorized to use crackers by the Troy City Council via resolution #2004-12-628-E-11. RESOLVED, That the City Council of the City of Troy hereby waives the provisions of Chapter 98.07.02 of the Code of the City of Troy relative to the use of shell crackers to frighten and disperse waterfowl away from Emerald Lakes Village, provided that authorized persons of the Homeowners Association shall adhere to the following procedures:

    1. Shell crackers shall not be discharged before 7:00 AM and not after dusk.

    2. The permitee(s) shall notify the Police Communications Section prior to discharging the shell crackers and shall provide the police with his/her name(s) and phone number(s). Note: the permitee shall also notify the Police when they are finished using the crackers.

    3. A violation of either of the above limitations shall be cause for immediate revocation of the City authorization.

    4. Authorization shall expire December 31, 2009

The resolution can be renewed by writing the Chief of Police. The Chief is to renew the resolution with the City Council.

The Lakes Chair is to keep the Troy City Police Department current with the names and phone numbers of those individuals authorized to use crackers. If your name is not on the City Police records to discharge crackers, you are not authorized.

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