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Policy Letter Regarding: STORAGE SHED/CONTAINER

ELV Policy #010 Updated and approved March 2009

This letter concerns the Clarification of current Restrictions regarding sheds and stand-alone buildings on homeowner’s properties and to clarify where approved storage containers may be located.


Reference: City of Troy Chapter 39 Zoning Ordinance 285

Emerald Lakes Village Restrictions: Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3 (a) and (c).

  1. In accordance with the above stated references: No structures or shed shall be erected or placed on property having dimensions greater than four (4) feet tall, four (4) feet wide and three (3) feet deep.

  1. The only acceptable storage containers approved for homeowners’ use by the ELV Board are:

    1. To be constructed of all weather plastic material.

    2. To be four (4) feet or less in height, four (4) feet or less wide and three (3) feet or less in depth.

  1. The location of these approved storage containers will be in accordance with ELV Restrictions on maintaining a harmonious landscape and not hindering the view of the lake in any direction. The approved location is:

    1. The rear of the property against the house; however, in special circumstances other locations may be approved by the Board.

  1. Contact the Restrictions Chairperson before purchasing a storage container.

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