Welcome to Emerald Lakes Village!

Emerald Lakes Village lives up to its name. The friendliness and helpfulness of our residents provide the feeling of a village or small town. Our six lakes -- three of which are accessible to all our residents -- and social events give our residents many opportunities to enjoy each other’s company. With assistance from many residents ELV annually hosts an Easter Egg Hunt, Family FunDay, and Halloween Parade for our children, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents. A winter holiday party is also held for adults. Our annual village-wide Garage Sale is another opportunity for our residents to walk throughout our neighborhood and visit. Emerald Lakes Village is a great walking neighborhood.
Ambitiously athletic residents also hold an annual mini-triathlon and BBQ.

Our village is managed by our residents through our Homeowners Association Board of Directors. Annual dues are collected to pay for the professional management of our lakes; maintenance of our beach lots, courts, and cul-de-sacs; association property utilities; and some of our social events.  
Dues in 2021 are $220 per home. The Homeowners Board is guided by bylaws and all homes are to be maintained in a manner as outlined in our Restrictions Agreement. Both documents have been approved by our residents. Residents are kept informed on the fun and business of the village through a monthly newsletter mailed to every home and via our website. Learn more about Emerald Lakes Village by exploring this website.

Update on AndaleAndale continues to have microcystin as previously reported.  Because of the time of the year the Board determined it made sense to attack one likely key root cause of this, which is phosphorus.  Andale will be treated with a product called Phosclear, which makes the phosphorus unavailable for the cyanobacteria to use.
Lakepro will systematically apply Phosclear on the lake surface.  It is a powder when applied and thus they need to use personal protective equipment to avoid breathing in the powder.  Once in the water it sinks through the water column binding phosphorus to it.  It will temporarily turn the water milky white. This product will not kill the cyanobacteria, but will starve it of the nutrients it needs to thrive.  This process is like a step that water treatment plants use to treat drinking water, although as always you should not drink the water in any of our lakes.  It is not harmful to the fish. Like most of our treatments, there will be a posting about a swimming restriction for 24 hours.  If you have any questions contact the Lakes chair at
elvlakes@gmail.com or 248-701-6423.

Jim Tompkins
Emerald Lakes Village Lakes Chair