Click here to the Emerald Lakes Village Second Amended Restrictions Agreement. This document was approved by ELV homeowners on October 23, 2013 and filed with Oakland County on November 19, 2013. Our Restrictions Agreement describes the manner in which houses and lots are to be maintained as well as privileges and restrictions on our lakes.

Click here for the Procedure for Architectural Approval Requests, which was approved the the ELVHA Board on July 7, 2021.

Click here for the Procedure for Resolving Alleged Restriction Violations, which was approved by the ELVHA Board on November 9, 2020.

Click here for our Fine Schedule and Enforcement Procedure, which was approved by homeowners at our fall meeting. This document details the amounts of fines for violations of our Restrictions Agreement and the specifics of the enforcement procedures.

Policy Letters

ELV Policy #000 updated and approved January 2007  

This letter concerns the Establishment of Policy Letters.    
Policy Letters will be utilized by the Board to describe specific policies and/or procedures.      
The ELV Bylaws provide authorization for this procedure.      
The Board will approve Policy Letters.      
The Recording Secretary will keep a file of the Letters and a copy will be placed on the ELV website.    
 Policy Letters may be revised and/or rescinded by the Board.

  The following excerpts from the ELV Bylaws support the introduction of “Policy Letters.” Note: the bold is to highlight items for this letter only and it is not part of the original document.

 Section H. DUTIES AND POWERS. It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to care for the property and interest of the Association and to determine the policies for the conduct of its affairs consistent with such specific instructions as the Board may receive from the Association members. The Board shall have the power to raise and expend funds, to promote the welfare of the Association, and to employ by all such means, not in conflict with these Bylaws or with the laws of the land, as it may deem proper and expedient to secure the objectives for which the Association is organized.

Objectives see below



Section A. The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the best interest of the property owners and residents within the area named and in a broad way to advocate and protect the best interests of the area as a residential community, to analyze, compile and disseminate information on laws and regulations of interest to the members and to determine and make known to government the views of the community relating to such matters.  

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